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Devo Cycling Cape Cod

DEVO Cycling Cape Cod 

The DEVO Cycling Cape Cod is a 501c3, non profit corperation.  Our mission is to grow the sport of cycling for youth, and underserved demographics.

 DEVO cycling Cape Cod;

  • Offers a race program for competitve youth cyclists competing in  local, regional, and national level events.
  • DEVO produces communtiy cycling events including bike rodeo's, kids safety clinics, bicycle races, skills clinics and more
  • We organize the purchase of bikes to those in need
  • Offer development programs for women and those new to the sport

Our race program grooms junior cyclists with a focus on our core principles and values:

  • Good sportsmanship
  • Positive, productive approach to
    athletes' development
  • Teamwork as a foundation for
    athletes' growth as individuals

The program offers mentorship and coaching to juniors interested in the sport of cycling. Our goal is to promote a lifestyle of fitness and exercise to build good values and a lifetime of sport. 

DEVO cycling Cape Cod was founded in 2015. We organized as a 501c3 in 2019'.  Jeff Craddock of Sea Sports, and Jitka Borowick of  Cleangreen are the organizations founders.  

DEVO Cycling Cape Cod believes that the accessibility of our sport is of the utmost importance.  We offer deserving athletes and their families the opportunity to learn and grow through sport, the race team offers need-based support for athletes, which includes a bike loan program, race fee reimbursement, and a clothing and uniform allowance.

Cleangreen has been involved in sponsoring the team financially and  donates 10% of profits from new customers to the Junior Team.

"It became obvious that support and mentorship were needed to get more youth involved in the sport we all love, and we hope that the DEVO Cycling Cape Cod team will help to provide just that." - Jeff Craddock, Sea Sports

"We want to see more young people being active and are proud to be part of such an amazing
- Jitka Borowick, Cleangreen

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Joseph J. Berlandi