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Bike Assembly-Bike Boxing-Custom Bike Builds

The bicycles we sell get assembled in house by our certified technicians.  Our 25 point-TOP FLIGHT-certified build exceeds industry standards for assembly. When you buy a bicycle off of us, you can be sure it is built to specifications, tuned to perform properly, setup ergonomically,  and test ridden.  In addition bicycles purchased here, come with a free 6 month basic service to cover your new bike break in period.  


Bicycle boxing/packing-  We offer a bicycle packing and boxing service if you are looking to ship your bike.  Bikes are professionally packaged with protective coverings and placed in an appropriately sized bike box.  The box and all packing materials are included in the cost.  


road bike being built

Let Sea Sports' team of professional mechanics build you the bike of your dreams. Everyone starts to develop preferences in equipment the more they ride. Those preferences can sometimes be hard to get in a stock off the floor build. Let us build your dream machine from the frame up. No project is too small or too detailed. Come in today to consult on your needs, riding style, goals, and budget. We have relationships with all of the major components makers, as well quality niche lines of saddles, tires, wheels, etc. More importantly, we have the experience to steer you in the right direction. Contact us today to start your dream build!

Contact us today to start building your dream machine!

Custom built bike