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Kayak Maintenance & Storage

General Care

Rinse your boat with fresh water after use. It is especially important to remove all sand and dirt from the foot pegs, foot peg tracks, and skeg or rudder. Paddles should also be rinsed with fresh water and stored separated to keep the weld smooth and in good shape. Bilge pumps and sponges can help you keep your kayak free of excess water and dirt. You can also use a UV protectant spray on your kayak to help prevent the color from fading.


If you store your boat outside, use a cockpit cover or spray skirt to keep rain, leaves, and bugs out, or keep the kayak stored upside down. It is ideal to use a sling or bar system if storing the boat inside. We have several options here at the shop.


If you are carrying your kayak with someone else, each person can take an end. Bend down to pick up the kayak by bending your knees and keeping your back straight. This will protect your back from long-term injury. Hold the kayak by the keel, especially if you have a fiberglass or kevlar boat, or if it the hatches are loaded. The handles of a kayak are there to help carry but should not be relied on, as they can break. If you are carrying your kayak alone, stand next to the cockpit and grab the combing closest to you. Bend your knees and pull the boat up onto your thighs. Then, reach to the opposite side of the cockpit, and pull it up onto your shoulder. Make sure to keep your knees bent and your back straight! To unload, do the same steps in reverse order.

Kayak Parts:

The Parts of a Kayak